Saturday, October 2, 2010

The PLP Journey Begins

When I learned this past summer that Power Learning Practice (PLP) was trying to get groups of schools or districts to form a Canadian cohort I was really excited. I immediately e-mailed my superintendent and encouraged him to allow our school district to send a team to be a part of the PLP cohort. After a few weeks, the superintendent gave me the thumbs up to put together a team of educators from the Northern Lights School Division for this cohort team.

Just last week we finalized the 5 members of our team. During this process of putting together our team, I was invited by the people at PLP to be a "fellow" for the Canadian cohort. I was honored to be invited to take on this role. So, I will not only be working with the team from my own school district but I will also be working with one other team from another school division. I am excited about this as it will enable me to make connections with other like minded educators in another school division.

As I sit here waiting for our Canadian Cohort to officially begin I do have a few questions:

1. Are all of the other participants as excited about this opportunity to work with PLP as I am?
2. Will our team in Northern Lights School Division be able to use this year to start a "technology momentum" in our division?
3. Is 1 year enough time to develop a team of technology experts for our school division?

I am sure that as time goes along these questions will be answered. However, I know I will have many more questions I need to try to answer. I can hardly wait for our PLP journey to begin.

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